Company Profile

We start this business by seeing our farmers that they cannot find a way to distribute their products with a good price. We see that our farmers lack of prosperous life. From the beginning, our company Nusa Growth Indonesia just sell tea (White tea and green tea , black tea , etc.), Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. In the beginning, we just supply our products to local market, and for coffee we supply it to several local coffee shop at Jakarta, Bandung & Tangerang. Nusa Growth Indonesia was established on 2020, but along with high demand market over coffee, we started to do export. Not only coffee and tea , until now 2021, we are ready to export various products. We also produce Rice (Super and regular Quality) , Cassava , Vanilla (Planifolia) & Clove (Zanzibar Clove).

Our Company, we called Nusagrowth — “Nusa” means Indonesia, “Gro” means agro or agri business, and “Growth” means our company always have a good progress and lead us to a better growth. Supported by more than 100 farmers around Java, Indonesia. Our plant is running 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). It is our top priority to meet our customer’s satisfaction and expectation.


Kevin Shalomo Pardamean Pangaribuan  ( CEO & Founder ).

Born and raised in Jakarta January 22th, 1995. He graduated from STIE Indonesia Banking School on 2017.  He started his career as an external auditor.  And in 2019 he decided to do an “extra job”, and until now he do Export.  He already do a cooperation with some forwarder and farmers around Java island. In 2020 he started his own Company, called Nusa Growth Indonesia.


Yohanes Kevano Pangaribuan 

( Co-Founder).

Born and raised in Jakarta on November 4 , 1998. He graduated from University of Indonesia (Universitas Indonesia) on August 2021 majring Naval Architecture and currently pioneering Export activities.


Gustav Zefanya Pangaribuan

( Account Executive).

Born and raised in Depok on March 12, 2002. Currently studying at Pancasila University (Universitas Pancasila) majoring in Accounting and currently pioneering Export activities.


It means we served our client and stakeholders with integrity. We treat them with respect, with one purpose which is we have a good long term business relationship


Excellence means we can guarantee you that we always give our products wiith great quality. We never make our buyer dissapointed with our products.


It is our responsibility to make our buyer satisfied with our service and products.


  • To make our Indonesia’s farmer live full of prosperous
  • To Introduced our products to the world
  • To help Indonesia Economic

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