Our specialty. A coffee bean is a seed of the Coffee plant and the source for coffee. We produce Arabica and Robusta. With many grades. From specialty, grade 1, Commercial grade (2 &3) & grade 4. And we also have a professional cupper. We also produce it into several types, like green beans, roasted and powder. Through several processes like dry, washed, wet hulled, dry hulled & honey. We have a coffee from several region. From all around Java Island  and from Sumatera we have Mandailing & Gayo. And also from Bali we have Kintamani and from Flores  we have Bajawa & Manggarai With many variety like cattimor , bourbon , ateng including ateng super , S228 (Lini S) , typica , andungsari , kartika , BP 308 & BP 288. We can guarantee you that our quality is the best among the others. For more details , just contact us and we’ll give you our catalog.



One of the most popular drinks in the world. Especially in Asia. Tea is an aromatic beverage prepared by pouring hot water over cured or fresh leaves. We produced 5 types of Tea. “White Tea (Silver Needle) , White Tea (White Peony), Green Tea (Pekoe), Black Tea (Orange Pekoe) and Oolong Tea (Pekoe).



One of the biggest producers of carbohydrate. Many finish goods that can be done with Cassava. Like Cassava brownies, chips, Cassava donuts, Cassava pizza and many more.



Clove is a spice plant that has long been used in the cigarette, food, beverage and medicinal industries. The one that we produce are “Zanzibar Clove”.



Rice as the main food in Asian countries. We produce two types of rice. Ciherang Super Rice and Ciherang Regular Rice.



Which has a sweet and delicious aroma, has been widely used to add flavor to various food products. But lately many aromatherapy and spa products also offer vanilla scents. The one that we produce are “Planifolia”

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